Instrument panel filling simulation mold temperature

The component warpage of an instrument panel produced using a complex cooling system is to be reduced.

Automotive instrument panel
Key points:

Instrument panel, filling simulation, mold temperature, cooling channel system, Simulation of mold temperature for a automobile instrument panel


Challenge / task

A filling simulation with a given gating system and the prescribed cooling channel system is conducted. Subsequently, possible improvements are elaborated and reviewed with further simulations.


Objectives / goal

  • Conducting a filling simulation including shrinkage and warpage analysis using AUTODESK MOLDFLOW taking into account the impact of the complex cooling channel system on component warpage
  • Examining the cooling system concerning its effectiveness and identifying critical areas (Hotspots, consistent cooling)
  • Examining the gating system concerning a balanced filling and the position of air pockets and weld lines
  • Establishing improvement suggestions and iterating the simulation with an improved distribution system / cooling channel system

Results & benefits

mold temperature simulation automotive instrument panel
Filling simulation of a car instrument panel using a complex cooling system
  • Lower filling pressure thanks to more balanced filling > lower clamp force > possible usage of smaller machine (exact knowledge concerning the requirements of machine needed)
  • Consistent engulfment of a long, narrow mould core (hood driver’s side) > prevention of strong forces at the core > increased tool durability
  • Precise knowledge of cycle times and process parameters
  • Consistent component cooling > even volumetric shrinkage > less warpage > improved component quality
  • Weld lines and air pockets could be positioned in desired areas > precise knowledge of necessary tool ventilation