Automobile lamp socket – warpage analysis

During the manufacturing of a car lamp socket, strong warping tendencies occur. The component exceeds the set tolerance range in certain areas.

warpage analysis lamp socket
Key points: Warpage, component warpage, warpage reduction, warping tendency

Challenge / task

  • During the manufacturing of a lamp socket, strong warping tendencies occur. The concentricity of a ring support exceeds the set tolerance range.
  • In order to minimize warpage, alterations concerning the component geometry as well as the point of injection for a new tool are assessed.

Objectives / goal

​By means of filling simulations, the impact on the warpage is assessed while altering

  • Component geometry
  • Injection system/gate position

Results & benefits

lamp socket warpage analyses
Simulated component warpage of a lamp socket before (above) and after (below) optimization by adjusting the component geometry (superelevation of warpage x10)
  • Actual, empirical warpage was retrieved in simulation / calculation results could serve as comparable figures for assessing potential modification measures in order to reduce warpage.
  • By altering only the injection position in the simulation, no warpage reduction could be achieved.
  • Warpage causes could be detected in the component’s geometrical shaping
  • Component geometry was purposefully altered and new simulations to examine warpage were conducted
  • A new component geometry with significantly less warpage tendency could be detected