Increased effectiveness using the digital twin – M.TEC spreads expertise within the industry in 2019

Minimizing warpage using the digital twin – a virtual, mathematical model of component and process – causes stirs in the plastics industry. A combination of statistical models determines the ideal parameter set for each component and its process, significantly reducing time and cost expenses in the overall result. M.TEC continues to provide information on this use of artificial intelligence in warpage optimization.

Successful talks and fair presentations prove the enormous industry interest for this innovation. M.TEC communicates the know-how concerning the novelty in warpage innovation to the sector’s decision-makers and presents the digital twin on the “Qualitätsgipfel Kunststoff” at the Sueddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum on November 27th-28th. With the main topics “Quality in production” and “Modern methods to ensure quality”, the symposium depicts the ideal opportunity to get to know this new possibility in warpage optimization.  M.TEC continues its way as a driving force in scientific discourse and presents the digital twin at the VDI Spritzgießertagung (symposium for injection molding) in February 2019 als well as at the PIAE (Plastics in Automotive Engineering) congress in April 2019. Meet us there and gain insights on what warpage optimization using the digital twin could achieve for your projects and products.

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