The digital twin in warpage optimization

The digital twin in warpage optimization, using the example of a bumper

Artificial intelligence minimizes component warpage – for maximum precision of plastic components. M.TEC presents the warpage optimization employing the digital twin at the FAKUMA 2018.

The deployment of artificial intelligence increasingly sets trends and has reached plastics engineering! Based on these new mathematical possibilities, M.TEC introduces an innovative method of warpage optimization using the digital twin. All cause variables from component geometry and injection molding process are modeled in a mathematical, virtual image of physical relations. This digital twin allows for innovative, integrated optimizations and creates new opportunities to reduce time expenditures and cost.  

The benefits of the new approach are versatile: Component warpage is minimized within the defined limits of what is physically possible and economically sensible, insecurities concerning the optimal parameter settings are omitted and tool modifications at a late stage can be excluded with great certainty.

Pattern recognition, sensitivities, robustness analyses

For the warpage optimization along the digital twin, M.TEC engineers use mathematical methods, dissolving the borders of conventional warpage optimization. The complexity of relations and interdependency of innumerable parameters is overcome mathematically by using pattern recognition. By employing this holistic determination of the optimal parameter set within defined boundary conditions, the usual iterations in development as well as tool manufacturing are eliminated.

Sensitivity analyses reveal the most relevant parameters influencing warpage at an early stage. After customizing the boundary conditions, further parameter studies are conducted in real time. Robustness analyses to minimize malfunction probabilities complete the deployment of artificial intelligence in warpage optimisation.

The result of this innovation by M.TEC is the optimal parameter set for your plastic component within your boundary conditions. M.TEC – a member of the K.D. Feddersen group since 2018 – thus fulfils its role as a pioneer in plastics engineering and product development once again.

You will find out more about the genesis of the digital twin and how to employ it in your development process at booth 2209 at the FAKUMA, hall B2 (Feddersen group joint stand). Be our guest and make an appointment in advance: !

About M.TEC

M.TEC is a design engineering service provider focused on holistic product development in plastics engineering. Interdisciplinary teams of experts fuel innovative approaches from concept to series production, acting both as development service and idea provider.

Since 1991, renowned customers from the markets of automotive, medical technology, household appliances, building technology and electronic devices trust in the expertise of M.TEC. As of June 2018, M.TEC is a member of the Feddersen group.