Warpage Analysis

Warpage Analysis – shrinkage simulation
A component’s warpage is caused by the inconsistent shrinkage of the material. Shrinkage arises from the cooling of the plastic material. As long as the holding pressure is maintained, the shrinkage can be compensated by supplying further material. The shrinkage of the plastic material, originating when no further material supply is possible, has to be precrowned in the tool.


plastic component volumetric shrinkage

Simulation of volumetric shrinkage after 30 seconds – red represents highest shrinkage


Uneven shrinkage among the component's geometry
Warpage means that a plastic component deviates geometrically from the form emulated in the tool. The main reason for warpage is the varying shrinkage among the plastic component's geometry. Primary causes for shrinkage are unsufficient cooling or – in the case of reinforced materials – fibre orientation.


M.TEC's services in warpage analysis, shrinkage minimization

  • Simulation of plastic component shrinkage
  • Consulting concerning the component restructuring
  • Optimization of cooling
  • Optimization of holding pressure phase
  • Optimization of distribution system


Warpage Minimization – Shrinkage compensation
Simulating the plastic component’s shrinkage we reveal the component parts prone to shrinkage. Based on these insights, M.TEC develops solutions to even out shrinkage and minimize component warpage. 

Warpage analysis / Warpage simulation / Warpage optimisation
M.TEC's injection molding simulation services include the calculation of the component's geometrical changes while cooling down to room temperature, based on the specific material behavior. During this warpage analysis or warpage simulation, all the effects of the process (tool tempering, filling phase, holding pressure phase, shrinkage) are taken into account.

In the warpage analysis of the plastic component, we take into account the fibre orientation of fibre-reinforced compounds, revealing anisotropic shrinkage and warpage. By doing so, thermal influences or factors as well as the factors depending on fibre orientation are considered and analysed separately.


Main measures for warpage minimization

Based on the warpage analysis we elaborate measures for warpage minimization such as:

  • Optimization of shrinkage by changing component geometry
  • Reduction of shrinkage by elaborating holding pressure profiles
  • Adjustment of the distribution system in order to change fibre orientation
  • Use of flow additives 
  • ... and many more, if applicable