Moldflow simulations fast & straightforward: Achieving security in injection molding 

Moldflow simulations safeguard your construction and tool making. Even in early development stages, injection molding simulations ensure the manufacturability and high quality of your plastics component.

If you ...

A) Need quick results and

B) interpret these results yourself

... you should use



✔   Incredibly quick results
✔   Extremely cost-effective
✔   No commitments

What do I get?

You will receive simulation results as follows:

  • Illustrations concerning FILL (filling), PACK (holding pressure), WARP (warpage)
  • Animation of the filling phase
    (Illustrations and animations are included in a Microsoft PowerPoint® file)
  • MFR File (to open with free viewer "Moldflow Communicator")


Take an exemplary look at a component! We will gladly send you the documentation (illustrations and animation) for the front apron as depicted in the video.

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Moldflow simulation of a car front apron


What is the MOLDFLOW EXPRESS procedure like?

  1. You send your CAD-data including gating positions and material data to M.TEC
  2. M.TEC conducts the simulation to illustrate the filling behavior of your tool
  3. Your receive the result documentation including MFR file and interpret the results yourself


What is the benefit of MOLDFLOW EXPRESS?

  • Incredibly quick simulation results
  • No commitment, no follow-up costs
  • Upon request: Expert advice by long-term professionals


Make a non-binding request right now!

Phone: +49 2407 9573-7315


Optional: Consulting and recommendations for action

You need help interpreting the simulation results in order to achieve your goal? As an additional service, Mr. Vogler and his team of experts interpret the results for you and give recommendations for actions concerning aspects such as:

  • Balancing the filling
  • Warpage minimization
  • Gate positioning
  • Controlling of weld lines
  • Preventing air pockets
  • Holding pressure/holding pressure profile
  • Optimization of clamp force
  • ... and many more issues!

Make the best use of M.TEC’s expertise concerning plastics engineering and product development – Mr. Vogler and his team have simulated well over 1.000 components to date.