Moldflow Analysis

Injection Molding Simulation / Moldflow Analysis

M.TEC offers you all kinds of injection molding simulation services. The injection molding simulation detects quality issues in plastic components, helping you to foresee and avoid problems during production and product lifetime. At any stage, M.TEC supports you by using moldflow simulations the right way, in order to tackle down problems with plastics components.


Automotive fan shroud moldflow analysis


M.TEC injection molding simulation services

  • Definition of ideal gating concepts
  • Elaboration and balancing of distribution systems / filling
  • Warpage optimization
  • Clamp force optimization
  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Optimization of filling to prevent air inclusion
  • Optimization of weld line position
  • Calculation of holding pressure/ establishment of holding pressure profiles
  • Surface and design quality


Mold Tempering Example

Mold Tempering Services

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sample component

Warpage Analysis

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